Solar Modules on a roof top
- You can watch your electric meter turn backwards, And solar power is at it's peak during the time of the day when
you need it the most.

- Generate your own solar electric and reduce your electric bill.

- Protect against future rate increases.

- Produce electricity from free sunlight and watch your meter spin backwards.

- Reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

- Contribute to a healthier environment.

- Increase the value of your home.

- Solar modules have 20 and 25 year warranties.

- Solar Electric Kit Systems typically have a lifetime of 30+ years.

- A Solar Battery System will keep lights on when the utility is down.
Solar Electric Systems
There are no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free, When the sun rises your solar electric power system will
start providing power for your needs while back feeding any extra to the utility for use later.

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Arkansas Homeowners can generate their own electricity from sunlight.
In Arkansas when your solar electric system is generating more power than is being used, You can sell the excess back to your local utility. And roll over your un-used monthly production for as long as 12 months.

- Generate clean energy from the sun,
- Reduce your dependency on public utilities.
- Avoid utility price increases.
Solar Electric Grid Tie Kit Systems are easy to operate.
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